Disabling WebKit's process caches – 
Help WebKit fulfill its new year's resolution.


Curb NSTemporaryDirectory abuse in xip unarchive – 
Happy new year.


Swift on FreeBSD – 
Project notes.

Homebrew home surveillance camera – 
Skeptical of the off-the-shelf options, I cobbled together my own.

drspin – 
I wrote a rudimentary call-graph profiler for FreeBSD.

Incorrect I/O throttling when using block device files – 
I walk through my diagnosis of the bug.

Stumbling across an old bug in mig – 
I "fix" a mach_init RPC on Puma.


Objective-C for the AVR, part 4 – 
Making avr-objc work with Clang—and vice versa.

Objective-C for the AVR, part 3 – 
Load-time Objective-C metadata parsing.

Objective-C for the AVR, part 2 – 
Handling more kinds of messaging in my microcontroller-sized Objective-C runtime.

Objective-C for the AVR, part 1 – 
I wrote an Objective-C runtime for a microcontroller.

Standalone tools for the Raspberry Pi Pico – 
An addendum to my previous entry.

Programming the Raspberry Pi Pico – 
I finally got my hands on a Raspberry Pi Pico, and I wrote an assembly program for it.